Love is in the air!

You’re going to have to fur-give us but nothing brings out our punny side like Valentine’s Day.  It’s the paw-fect op-paw-tunity to show your pets how fur-bulous you think they are. And to help you be the ultimutt pet lover – we have five simple ideas to help you plan the perfect day for you and your furry friend.

  1. Spoil them with delicious healthy treats
    Our current favourites are organic hemp seed treats, freeze dried chicken breasts, duck mint and cinnamon dental sticks, doggylicious carob love us drops, and calming cookies. The reason they are our favourites is that they are basically Hugh Jackman – delicious, wholesome and appealing no matter your age! And we’re shamelessly offering you 20% off when you buy three treats or more because we know you’ll want to get them all!

  2. Give your time and attention
    Hunt out all their favourite noisy toys and dedicate some extra time to playing with them. Just as with humans, the most valuable gift you can give somebody you love is your time and undivided attention!

  3. Choose their own adventure
    Go for a walk at sunset and let them sniff out ever smell, pee on all the posts and follow the noses quite literally. See where you end up – remember it’s about the journey and not the destination. Just enjoy the time you’re spending together.

  4. Give them big hugs
    They call it the ‘love drug’ and you and your pet can both get that sweet hit of oxytocin when you give them a hug or stare at them. It’s a terrific way of bonding with your pets and makes you both feel connected. Which is a great feeling.

  5. Pamper them
    Who doesn’t love a bit of a body rub? Get out your brushes and your pet specific leave in conditioner and channel your inner beautician. A dedicated grooming session is a healthy and calming way of showing your pet you love them!

Pugs and kisses and poodles of love.

The WONDERPETS team xx



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