Park Rules You Need To Know About This Summer

Summertime calls for fun out in the sun! Dog park visits are a wonderful opportunity for dog pawrents and their pets to bond, socialise and burn off some pent-up energy, but with all that fun comes responsibility. Dog park rules and regulations are in place to guarantee that all visitors are safe and have a good time. Knowing and respecting the rules of the dog park you visit will help keep you and your dog safe.

Each city or town sets the guidelines for their local dog parks. These guidelines are generally posted on the dog park's fence or gate and must be followed at all times. Whether or not these regulations are posted at the entry, you should always do a quick online check for the dog park you are visiting to see if their website mentions any special rules. The standard curtesy considerations apply such as to carry a dog poo bag to clean up after your dog, keep a collar on your dog and avoid bringing food. Let’s go over these rules and others a little more deeply.

Carry a dog poo bag

If your dog needs to do their business, be ready to scoop, bag, and dispose of their waste correctly. Leaving messes behind is not only unpleasant but also unsanitary. Always carry a dog poo bag and/or waste bags to clean up after your dog. You never want to be in the situation where you haven’t brought a dog poo bag, and your four-legged friend decides it's time for a number two! 

Make sure they’re vaccinated

Vaccinations must be current for all dogs entering the dog park. This is a general rule of safety for both your dog and others. 

Dogs in heat should be left home 

Again, this is another general safety rule for any dog outing. A female dog in heat shouldn't be brought to the dog park; her presence can cause fights and distract the other dogs.

Don't bring food into the park

Leave your picnic for more human-oriented parks. Other dogs may not have excellent manners around people who are eating, and if they detect the smell of the food you're eating, they may get hostile towards you. If your dog does their business or obeys a command for which they typically receive a treat, offer them verbal praise and a good pat to reassure them they did a good job and encourage positive behaviour instead of giving them treats. 

No little kids

Overly hyperactive dogs can easily knock infants and toddlers over. Strange canines may be unfamiliar with children, placing them in danger of negative experiences or injuries for which the parent will be held liable. Taking your whole family to a regular park is a wonderful thing, but going to a dog park should be about your dog and allowing them to have fun. 

Keep their leash with you

Keep your dog's leash on you at all times, including when in off-leash places. You may need to swiftly remove your dog from a park for many different reasons. As a pawrent it’s always best to be prepared.

Be careful with toys

While you can bring your dog toys such as tennis balls or Frisbees, make sure there will be no competition for them. Untrained dogs like toddlers, might throw a tantrum if they have to share their favourite toy. 

Always have a collar on your dog 

It’s always suggested that your dog wears a collar at all times, and even though dog parks are often contained spaces, there is still a potential that your dog can get away from you. You can help them stay safe by making sure they wear a collar with up-to-date tags at all times. 

Watch your dog at all times

Always keep an eye on your dog. Trips to the dog park should be about spending time with your dog rather than catching up with friends or being slumped over your phone the entire time. If pet parents aren't paying attention to their dogs, problems can arise when they least expect them. Be a vigilant pet parent to keep your dog safe.

Trips to the dog park are a great opportunity to bond with your dog, but everyone can play together happily and safely if everyone follows the park rules. Wonderpets has all you need to keep your dog safe and happy when you’re out and about this summer. To stock up on the dog park essentials, you can head here

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