Top Tips for Dog Beds & Blankets

If the average human spends one third of their life in bed, we can only deduce from our rigorous studies* that for dogs it must be at least twice that.  And we all know what a huge difference a good bed makes to the quality of our sleep, which in turn impacts our overall physical health, not to mention our mental health. 

So (insert dramatic ellipses here) if it can be that impactful when we only spend one third of our lives in bed, imagine how important a good bed, and bed hygiene practices are for your wee pupper.

In short dirty dog beds pose a risk because they harbour germs, bacteria or even fleas.  Not to mention the untenable stench of a dirty dog bed.

So here are our top three tips when it comes to dog beds and blankets.

  1. Just like your own bedding, your dog bed and blankets should be washed at least once a week. You can up that to twice a week if you have a big ol’ shaggy furry friend who sheds and sweats like a Yeti in Hawaii. 
  2. Make sure that you’ve chosen your dog beds and blankets The kind of dog bed which is suitable for the pooch about town in Melbourne will differ significantly from the breezy digs of a surfin’ canine on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. 
  3. Replace the dog beds every 18 months to 2 years. Just like us, aging bones need beds that are supportive, cushioning the joints from hard floors and the like. 

And yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to have more than one dog bed so you can mix up ‘your aesthetics’ to match with the latest Tik-Tok trends.  Sure your dog won’t care, but your teenage daughter will adore you. If you’re not sure where to find said stylish beds that suit your home (ahem), please check out our fabulous range of stunning dog beds from Mog & Bone.  


Sweet dreams,



*observing the sleeping patterns of our own pooches who spend approximately all their time between walks, sleeping. 

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