Woof & Meow have been specializing in producing premium, naturally based, environmentally responsible animal care products for more than three decades. Proudly Australian made, the Woof & Meow range can be used for both cats and dogs! Discover More....

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Woof & Meow - Gentle PackWoof & Meow - Gentle Pack
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Woof & Meow - Gentle Pack

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Woof & Meow Gentle ShampooWoof & Meow Gentle Shampoo

Woof & Meow Gentle Shampoo

From $23.95
Woof & Meow Gentle ConditionerWoof & Meow Gentle Conditioner

Woof & Meow Gentle Conditioner

From $23.95
Woof & Meow Hydrate ShampooWoof & Meow Hydrate Shampoo

Woof & Meow Hydrate Shampoo

From $23.95
Woof & Meow Hydrate ConditionerWoof & Meow Hydrate Conditioner

Woof & Meow Hydrate Conditioner

From $23.95
Woof & Meow Cleanse ShampooWoof & Meow Cleanse Shampoo

Woof & Meow Cleanse Shampoo

From $23.95
Woof & Meow Cleanse ConditionerWoof & Meow Cleanse Conditioner

Woof & Meow Cleanse Conditioner

From $23.95

Woof & Meow

Cleanse Range – for normal skin, containing Coconut Water for extra hydration leaving your fur kid’s coat coat soft, silky and shiny

Gentle Range – prefect for puppies and kittens. Using natural ingredients and fragranced with Chamomile, geranium and Sandalwood to leave a soothing aroma for baby furs.

Hydrate Range – for sensitive skin. Fragranced with Cedarwood, Patchouli and Chamomile, to leave a calm aromatic scent.