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There's nothing better than rewarding your cat or kitten for any reason whatsoever with delicious treats and at WONDERPETS, we have a huge range of treats for you to choose from that even the fussiest cat or kitten will love. 

With such a wide variety of treats to choose from, there's something for every feline and their favourite time of day too! All of our brands have treats made of premium ingredients so they not only taste great but provide a boost of nutrition too. Our range of treats also includes freeze-dried and air-dried cat treats, which are a great alternative if your cat needs to follow a high-protein, low-calorie diet or is sensitive to other ingredients found in normal kibble treats.

From cute fish-shaped Juicy Bites kibble to Inaba Churu Puree, you'll find a treat for your cat or kitten whether they prefer dry or wet treats. Cat treats don't need to be unhealthy either. Our Air-dried and freeze-dried treats are some of the healthiest foods your cat can eat because of their raw nutritional value. They are full of essential vitamins and minerals and some are even human-grade. Freeze-dried treats such as the Freezy Paws Sardine Treats, are also grain-free, soy-free and corn-free for sensitive stomachs and a high-protein, all-natural treat that's also guilt-free for fur-parents.

Great for training and encouraging positive behaviours, our delicious treats can be used in a variety of ways. They're not just for gourmet rewards either; many of them make the perfect supplement to your cat or kitten's regular kibble and you can also use them as an occasional treat in addition to or instead of their usual dry food. Dry kibble treats are especially beneficial for maintaining your cat's dental health, which is why cat dental treats such as Greenies are so popular and recommended by vets. 

For a healthier alternative to regular treats or simply a great way to show how much you love your pet, check out our range of treats and find a favourite, or a new one for your furry companion today. WONDERPETS prides itself on having the best range of premium cat treats that will really make your cat or kitten purr with delight!

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