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At WONDERPETS, we have a huge range of cat bowls to suit the lifestyle and personality of your cat. From wild, high energy kittens to mature kitties, we have many cat food bowls to suit your home. 

Cats have never been more spoilt for choice from the number of different types of bowls we have available for them! Whether it's a simple stainless steel food bowl or a  to hold plenty of food for your adult cat, or a top of the range handmade glass bowl to an eco-friendly slow feeder. We have the right food bowl for you and your furry friend! 

We stock various kinds of bowls which are suitable for all kinds of cats. Ceramic cat food bowls are the most popular kind of cat food bowl at WONDERPETS, and we have ceramic cat bowls with a silicone base to stop them sliding around that feature deep bowls to help your cat eat more slowly and reduce hairballs. These cat bowls are not only practical but incredibly stylish, coming in various silicone base colours and appropriate bowl taglines to set them apart.

Thinking of putting your kitty on a diet or looking at moving to a slow feeder bowl or ? Just like you would think, these bowls help to reduce hairball production in cats by encouraging them to eat slowly. They work by having raised bumps and mini obstacles which slow your cat down as they eat, this helps to promote digestion and reduce hairballs. These bowls or mats are available in silicon, and one of our bestsellers, the Lickimat cat slow feeders are a crowd favourite as they also help reduce anxiety by encouraging them to lick, an action that provides more endorphins for your cat. 

For anyone that is looking for a food bowl that has more style than substance, we have handmade glass bowls - these are not only incredibly stylish but also made with durable, high-quality glass! Aesthetically pleasing yet practical, these bowls come in shallow or elevated bowl options that make it easy and comfortable for your cat to enjoy their meal. With trendy and modern designs available, whether you want one glass bowl or two side-by-side, we can see why Furrytail is one of our bestselling brands for its stunning accessories that can fit the style and personality of your home decor. 

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