5 Things to consider when choosing a dog shampoo

Pawrents, let’s get down and dirty for a second … our furry friends can get super … how shall we say this? … stinky. We might find ourselves utterly astonished by our dog’s ability to collect mud, dirt and foliage, as well as their propensity for getting up close and *ahem* personal with other canines. As adorable as they might be, and as much entertainment and cuddles they provide us, we might be deterred from petting our doggos when their aroma is a tad overpowering (to say the least), and their breath is far from minty fresh. Dog grooming is no walk in the park. How should one remedy this? you might ask. And BOY, have we got the solution for you! With a few simple products, you can get back to petting your good boy or girl without being affronted by the unsavoury odours. Want to play with your pooch without passing out? Here’s how.

1. Natural dog shampoo for your pooch

A skittish pet and a bubble bath is no ideal match, and can even lead to soaked couches and pools of water all over the house. Bath time can be a challenge for any dog owner, particularly if your fur companion isn’t fond of the water, or the soapy chemicals get up in their grill. Natural shampoo and conditioner is a great place to start! WONDERPETS grooming products are au natural, using plant based ingredients that are safe for pets and pH balanced.

2. Dog shampoo done differently

It’s also worth looking into waterless shampoo if your pooch has a severe case of aquaphobia. One particularly good one is Frankie & Felixs Blend No.5 Waterless Shampoo for Cats & Dogs, by Houndztooth. A best-selling provider of pet products and accessories, Houndsztooth’s bath free alternatives to grooming offer a whole new leash on life for owners. This particular foaming shampoo is specifically formulated with Aussie almond oil, oatmeal and an assortment of all-natural ingredients to revitalise your dog’s skin. 

3. Best smelling dog shampoo

When tackling a rather pungent pooch, the last thing you want is a similarly scented shampoo. Fortunately for you, the Franke & Felix’s Blend contains Australian botanical oils and essential oils, made up of Manuka honey, nerolina and rosemary. An awesome addition to your pet’s cleaning routine, and with a rich (but pleasing) scent, your furry friend will be out of the dog house and inside your living space once again. This fetching formula is designed to cleanse and promote lustre in one easy step.

4. Dog shampoo for itchy skin

100% Australian owned and operated. Dermcare-Vet was founded by Ken Mason, a veterinarian and dermatologist (the first of his kind, in fact). Mason transferred this passion into veterinary dermatology into developing high quality products for pets. This mission is evident in the Dermcare Aloveen - Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs and Cats 500ML, an intensive Conditioner formulated with extracts of oatmeal in an aloe vera gel base.

5. Puppy love - Gentle shampoo and conditioner

Puppies need love too. And by that we mean, growing pups need something a little softer on the skin. The Paw Gentle Puppy Shampoo 200ml is a great example of this. Made for delicate skin, it certainly achieves all this and more, providing a welcome relief for inflamed and irritated skin. Loveen's emollient action helps restore coat lustre; this, along with the moisturising properties and delicate fragrance makes for a perfect paw product. A formula that both cleanses but doesn’t strip the skin; it’s also pH balanced and formulated for puppies with delicate skin. Dogs are man’s best friend, so why not show them what they mean to us by providing them with the greatest level of care and attention. All eyes will be on your pup at the dog park, and the fresh scent of Blackmores shampoo is bound to make a lasting impression. One sniff and owners around the neighbourhood will be asking for your secret. After their bath, reward your fluffy companion with all the bones they could dream of.

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Give your pooch a spa day and make them feel the love. Sharing is caring, but it’s no easy task to share a room with your pet if they’re radiating fragrant fumes from miles away. Fetch yourself some WONDERPETS shampoo and conditioner today and stop the stinkiness.

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