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Lifewise Cat Chicken with RiceLifewise Cat Chicken with Rice

Lifewise Cat Chicken with Rice

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Black Hawk Kitten ChickenBlack Hawk Kitten Chicken

Black Hawk Kitten Chicken

From $28.95
Black Hawk Cat ChickenBlack Hawk Cat Chicken

Black Hawk Cat Chicken

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Black Hawk Cat FishBlack Hawk Cat Fish

Black Hawk Cat Fish

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Lifewise Kitten Chicken with RiceLifewise Kitten Chicken with Rice

Lifewise Kitten Chicken with Rice

$16.16 $17.95

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Like all pets, cats are no strangers to making it known when they're hungry and we know how fussy they can be too! At WONDERPETS, we're proud to offer many different high-quality Australian brands of cat and kitten food that are made with premium ingredients. From dry food to wet, canned and raw food, our range of cat food has everything you need and more.

First, let's talk dry food. Dry food is an excellent option for all cats, but especially for those that are less active or have a slower metabolism as it'll provide the right energy intake throughout the day. Many of our WONDERPETS' dry foods are also grain-free so they're great options if your cat has allergies to wheat, rice, corn or other fillers.

Wet cat food is another solid choice if your furry friend prefers wet food over kibble. Our range includes both meat and seafood flavours so you can find something that ticks all their boxes! The best part? Our canned cat food ranges are complete with all essential vitamins and minerals for overall health benefits including taurine which helps maintain healthy eyesight in your feline which is important for their biological needs.

And lastly, WONDERPETS' range includes raw cat food; a great choice for your cat if they're prone to sensitivities, allergies or other health ailments. Our raw food range is a game changer in cat health and includes a lot of air-dried and freeze-dried cat food options that provides an alternative for a raw, fresh and healthy diet where premium meats and ingredients have been gently air-dried or freeze-dried. This type of cat food is nutrient-dense containing all the protein, vitamins & minerals your cat needs with no unwanted ingredients like grain or legumes that might irritate your cat's stomach if they're sensitive to wheat and other fillers. 

WONDERPETS has a huge variety of brands and flavours available to ensure your feline friend stays healthy and happy. From dry, wet, canned and raw food, we have plenty of tasty options for your cat that they'll love coming back for!

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