Which Is Best A Cat Bed Or Cat Cave?

Your cat is like a member of the family, deserving of their own little space in your home. Finding the proper cat bed with the right qualities is critical for both you and your cat. As you may know, cats can sleep for over fifteen hours in a day, meaning they need a soft place to rest their head. 

We are cat specialists at Wonderpets, and we know what elements are most important to your cat when picking a sleeping spot. Your cat deserves to sleep in a secure, comfy bed that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

One question still prevails: should you choose a cat cave or bed when you're looking for a new sleeping spot for your cat? We'll go over the pros and cons of each in this post to help you decide.

What is a cat bed? 

A cat bed is a generic name for various cat beds on the market, with colours, forms, sizes, materials, and prices varying depending on your choice. It's essentially a space for your cat to sleep during the day and night while satisfying their comfort demands. 


Cat beds are usually comprised of synthetic fabrics like soft polyesters, which are commonly used in cat bedding. Foam, wool, plush, cotton, fleece, and other materials produce soft and fluffy cat beds too. 


Cat beds should be designed to be as comfortable as possible. Many are loaded with foams and filling to urge your cat to crawl in and become cosy. Some provide a hiding place for your cat, which is more appealing when nap time arrives. A cat bed might be as basic as a mat, as luxurious as plush round cushion, or as private as an enclosed cat cave. The upside to a regular cat bed is that they are usually reasonably priced, and you can place them nearly anywhere in your house without fuss. The downside is they may lack the full level of comfort your cat needs. 

What about a cat cave? 

Cat caves are enclosed cat beds with some form of roof or cave like space for your cat to crawl into. Your cat will feel safe, warm, and comfortable in a cat cave. Cats enjoy the feeling of safety, so if you notice your cat hiding and sleeping under the bed or in your closet, they may be looking for the comfort that a cat cave or house may provide.

Many cats suffer greatly from nerves as they are naturally anxious creatures. They seek out dark areas out of protection; in a dark place, they cannot be seen, and this soothes them a great deal, BUT, if they have already found a place they love, getting them into their cave might prove difficult. 

Cat caves have many positives, like how dark and cosy they can be, but they can be more expensive than most regular cat beds. Plus, they are little harder to clean and getting your cat to give up their spot under the bed for their new cave, might be tricky at first. 

The verdict

It can be tough to find a safe spot for your cat to sleep. You may expect us to proclaim a clear winner in the Cat Cave vs. Cat Bed discussion, but as you can see from the comparisons above, it's all up to your cat. 

Most cats love the enclosed feeling of a cat cave, house or igloo, but if your cat has already found their place in your home to sleep, buying a simple cat bed for them to lounge on during the day, might be the safer choice. Getting your cat to give up its favourite spot completely can be trying, but not impossible.

A cat bed could be your best bet if you're on a low budget and prefer something temporary. A cat cave is ideal if you want something high-quality that will last for years.

Put your cat’s comfort first

If your cat is new in your house, try a cat cave first. If they’re already fond of a type of bed, stick to it! Life will be easier for you, and they will appreciate the comfort and care. Here at Wonderpets, we know your cat's comfort should always come first! Head here to check out our range of comfortable and cute cat beds.

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