Managing Anxious Pets

There is a plethora of recent articles across the globe focussing on ‘pandemic pets’ which are defined as pets which were acquired during the last couple of years and have never been left alone. As the world is focussing on ‘living with the virus’, many businesses are requiring their staff to return to work, at least part of the time.  In addition, students are returning to school in February.  For a number of our furry friends, change is coming, and they are completely oblivious. 

Because you are an excellent pet parent, you have probably already started giving some thought to how to transition your pets.  There are some relatively simple ways to get them prepared, but the truth is, it’s going to take time and patience.

Getting back into routine after a summer break is hard for all of us, irrespective of how many legs we have.  One of the things that is widely reputed to help both two- and four-legged family members is exercise. A big walk in the morning means that you get a massive dopamine hit, some fresh air and it means your canine companion has used up some energy. 

Start leaving them behind when you go out. Start with an hour, and gradually build up so that they get used to you being away.  It can be useful to either ask the neighbours to let you know if there is excessive barking or acting out, or if you have a baby monitor or similar, you can record what goes on in your absence. 

Make sure you’re proactive about preventing boredom.  Feed your pups a big bone just as you leave, or utilise our boredom buster bundle to keep them busy.  If your cat is is spraying urine, scratching or hiding in your absence, we recommend the FELIWAY diffuser to help relieve their stress.

If your pooches are displaying signs of anxiety or stress, a good first step is making sure that their food is fully supporting their nervous systems and creating a feeling of well-being. Products like Zamiet's Relax and Calm can be added to meals or you can treat them with these delicious organic hemp dog treats and let the zen begin! 

The most important thing to remember is that your pets just don’t understand why they’ve gone from having you around 24/7 to only seeing you some of the time.  They’re going to miss you and due to their inability to express themselves in any of the 6,500 human languages spoken across the globe, you’re going to have to let them act out a little as they adjust to ‘the new normal’.

When you come home after being apart, greet them with love, but don’t go over the top and make a fuss.  They need to recognise that you coming and going is perfectly normal.  Also remember that it’s not okay to only greet your pets with cuddles and kisses, don’t forget your partner and/or kids too.

You’re also going to miss them.  Now is the time to take them out when the light is good and get the perfect photo to use as a screensaver when you’re back at work.  And while you’re at it, grab a selfie with them to use on your locked screen!


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