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Play for health and wellbeing

Kittens are insanely playful creatures; they could chase, stalk and pounce all day if it were up to them. Young cats need a lot of attention, care and love, but it’s also important to be gentle with them and to use food, litter and grooming products catered to growing cats. The first few months of looking after a new cat can be daunting, to say the least. You have to make sure your pet isn’t getting into any dangerous situations, eating anything they shouldn’t be, and that they’ll adjust to the new environment (And don’t get us started on the potty training!). You want to avoid any unnecessary trips to the vet, and you also want to make sure your kitten feels safe and happy in your home. Play is a massively important part of your cat’s development because it helps them prepare for any unexpected situations they might face, allowing them to learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Playtime also allows them to develop social skills and bond with their owners. So it’s only natural we as owners would want to provide them with the best play palace imaginable. One area of concern for many pet parents is toys! What is safe for your kitten to use? What cat toys appeal to young cats the most? We’ll answer all these questions and more. 

Cat toys for feline fun

First off, try avoiding toys that can fall apart, with detachable pieces that could be swallowed or ripped to shreds. Our little feline friends also appreciate toys that move and can be wobbled about for extra stimulation, as, at this age, they’re particularly prone to the zoomies. We’d recommend this WONDERPETS wonder: the KONG Cat Curlz Teaser. Your pretty kitty will be preoccupied for hours at a time with this corkscrew curl. This toy is like catnip to your cat, and they’ll be coming back for more, due to the fast recoil located in the durable woven spirals. Watch your kitten pounce onto the feather and attack the ribbon with ferocity. They’ll be fulfilled by the high-speed springing action launching them into further fun. And pawrents will be equally rewarded watching an adorable, high-speed chase ensue. Some examples of things to look for when shopping for your kitten are: Toys with a wand attached to a dangly temptation, rattling balls, fish toys and a rubber mouse.

Your cat deserves nothing but the best, so why not provide them with the gift of play and exercise? Your fun-filled feline still has energy to spare? This next toy might take their fancy. The Kong Bat-a-Bout Flicker Disco. Take your young cat to funky town with this literal bundle of joy. Multi-coloured lights are sure to pique your kitty’s interest, the animated effect of the ball appealing to their catch-and-grab instincts and activating their primal senses. Kittens adore toys with high contrast colours, and it’s important the objects they play with challenge them physically and mentally. When it comes to courageous kittens, interactive toys are your saviour. The motion-activated, unpredictable movement will keep them engaged—thanks to their hunting and stalking nature. Your kitten will think this toy is quite the catch. The best part? The easy to roll ball extends playtime and has the added benefit of a larger size that won't get stuck behind the couch or under the coffee table. (Yes! We’re spared a thought for your beloved furniture.) What’s not to love? 

Scratching toys for silly kitties 

Every kitten needs a scratch post to let out any additional bursts of energy. But there are also toys that can scratch that scratching itch. No cat filled household is complete without a cuddler, such as the Kickeroo Cuddler by Kong, to provide your kitten with a wrestling companion, and you with the adorable visuals. Watch your cat attack, wrestle and snuggle with their KONG Kickeroo, while you sit back and enjoy. The enticing burlap fabric will both reward their stalking instincts and supply quality entertainment for pet parents. With three different textures, a fluffy tail and stimulating crinkles, your fluffy companion will be hooked within seconds.

Stock up on WONDERPETS’ cat toys now and your kitten will be purring happily with gratitude.

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