Why we can’t get enough of Laila and Me

All of the products in the Laila and Me range are created with one thing in mind: the wellness of your pet. They believe good nutrition is an essential key to good health, and this philosophy need not exclude any part of the diet, from the main food to meal toppers to special treats.

All products from Laila and Me are carefully created and sourced with this principle at the forefront of what they do, and they are incredibly proud to say that every product in their extensive range is genuinely nutritious and beneficial to animal wellbeing.

Their whole food, handmade cookies are each targeted to common areas of concern, such as immunity, anxiety, skin health and inflammation, using fruit, nuts, herbs and seeds.

Their meal enhancer range includes options targeted to joint health, such as green lipped mussels and gummy shark cartilage, as well as digestive and gut health supporting choices, such as bone broth, their special bumpkin blend, and signature gummi bear mix. They also offer unique toppers that can be added to increase the nutritional diversity of meals, such as the Tables Scraps, Paddock and Ocean to Bowl blends.   

More recently they have begun adding powerful superfoods to their supplement range, including medicinal mushrooms, raw goats’ milk and ascophyllum nodosum, a type of brown seaweed. Targeted to brain health, immunity, dental health and the ever-important gut microbiome, these products cement Laila and Me and as the premier Australian pet wellness brand.  

However, Laila and Me are best known for their treats, and these certainly don’t fail to pack a nutritional punch either. They offer a wide range of single ingredient, species appropriate, dehydrated and freeze-dried treats sure to please any pet. With a focus on using only the highest quality, human grade ingredients, Laila and Me’s treats are must-have tools for training and rewarding your pets without feeding them unnecessary additives, preservatives or unsuitable ingredients, like starches, sugar and salt.

Their treats are all slow dried using minimal heat, so they retain high levels of nutrients present in the raw ingredients. They have unique proteins like whitebait and mackerel, as well as fan favourites like chicken and lamb. There are lean kangaroo treats for dogs needing to monitor their energy intake, jerkies and chews for keeping teeth clean, treats perfect for training a new puppy, and options with anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric and parsley for an extra antioxidant kick.

Laila and Me’s range is extensive, but every item in it has been carefully curated with the health, wellness and enjoyment of your pet as the main goal.

WONDERPETS have used many of Laila and Me’s products in our curated a collection of products and Wellness Packs that make sure wellness is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Our Wellness Packs are based on your pets individual needs – including Overall Wellbeing, Anxiety , Skin & Coat Care, Digestion & Gut Support, Dental Care, Sensitive Skin, Weight Management, Joint Care, Seniors. Fussy Eaters, Puppy and Kitten.

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