Which Ivory Coat food is best for your pet? 

Making the right choice for your four-legged friends

Cats and dogs naturally have a strong preference for meat in their diets. Cats, being carnivorous, must have meat in their diets to provide essential nutrients they need as part of their daily diet.

Dogs are more omnivorous, their essential nutrition from their diet can come from a combination of animal and plant based ingredients. Our Ivory Coat products take their dietary preferences and needs into consideration when crafting our recipes.

Our Cat range are all Grain Free, and our dog products have both a Wholegrain and Grain Free options.

Regardless of the Ivory Coat product you choose, our products only contain quality ingredients that deliver on taste and nutrition, and do not include “filler” ingredients to bulk out the product.

Unsure whether you should be feeding your puppy, adult or senior dog wholegrain or grain-free dog food? While some dogs are sensitive to grains, it doesn’t mean that other dogs can’t benefit from the goodness and slow-release energy of wholegrains like brown rice and oats.

Take a look at this explanation of the key differences below.

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