What makes Gummi so special?

We are so thrilled to have Gummi as part of the WONDERPETS family!⁠

⁠Gummi creates a vibrant, stylish and colourful range of dog products - each item carefully considered to enhance the experience of both the dog and it’s owner⁠.

Gummi is owned and run by Natalie Asseraf who lives in Melbourne with her husband, two children and gorgeous pup Wally. We sat down with Nat to ask her a few questions about her fantastic brand.


Tell us a bit about Gummi?

Gummi is a fun and playful premium lifestyle brand for dogs that is passionate about the way dogs enhance our human lives and aims to deliver all the elements that enhance theirs. Having inherited the business from my late father I wanted to reimagine the brand, so we focussed on bold colours and a fresh approach to the pet accessories market for our relaunch in October 2020. Gummi offers high quality, great value designer products which exude positivity and optimism.

Tell us about Wally?

Wally is my very special Cavalier. He was the last gift that my father gave our family before his passing, so he holds a very special place in our hearts. Wally was a driving force behind the business as I saw first-hand the healing qualities of my relationship with Wally in dealing with the grief of losing my father. Knowing this, my ultimate goal with Gummi is to promote the incredible lifestyle and wellness benefits of dog ownership. As the muse of the brand Wally has a big task on his shoulders, he is often the cheekiest on set for the photo shoots, is the resident taste tester for new food product and brings a smile to everyone’s face when I take him to work. He is my spoilt third child and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

What makes Gummi so special?

Gummi was gifted to me in a really difficult circumstance, so I vowed that I would turn taking over ownership of the business into a positive. This truly makes the brand special, as everything we do, we do it with heart. Every product, every customer, every decision that is made derives from this authentic desire to bring joy to both our human and canine customers.

Why did you want Gummi to be part of the WONDERPETS family?

As a female founder I’m so excited to align with and learn from fellow women business owners. The pet space has historically been a very male centric industry, so to see so many emerging female led businesses and brands is really exciting. WONDERPETS is a one stop shop that supports local quality brands, that sit in the premium lifestyle space, and this aligns with the Gummi brand perfectly.

Check out the Gummi range today.

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