The importance of ear examinations.

It’s a dog’s life (and health)

Looking after a dog is more than just feeding and walking them. Just like humans, our pets require regular grooming, bathing, weighing, check ups and health tests for the sake of their health and happiness. Keeping up with your dog’s health, and being proactive when you notice any irregularities, is the key to being a responsible owner. Other responsibilities include: vaccinations, worming, minimising fleas and ticks, and treating any injuries or illness. 

On top of regular walks and exercise, your furry friend also requires attention and socialisation in order to prevent it from acquiring behavioural problems. There are many ways to supply your pet with a sufficient amount of love and care, including pats, play, training, toys and—if you’re away from the house for a number of hours a day, and have the money—you can look into a groomer, walker or daycare provider for that extra TLC your canine’s are craving.

It’s also important to have an emergency plan in place for your dog, and to understand and recognise the common health issues associated with your specific breed.

Ear exams - Are you all ears?

One huge part of dog care is ear examinations! We cannot stress enough how important they are for the sake of your dog’s continual wellbeing.  

Ear infections are all too common for dogs, especially the floppy ear variety, with labradors, miniature poodles, cocker spaniels and English sheepdogs among them. Issues can also arise for dogs with a lot of hair around or inside the ear opening, and dogs that spend their days in the water.

  • While the outside of the ear can give us part of the clinical picture, it is vital to examine the entire ear canal to:
  • Visualise the eardrum - is it intact or ruptured? If the eardrum is ruptured and the middle ear is affected, this may dramatically change the vet’s treatment plan.
  • Assess ear canal health and exudate - is the canal inflamed, stenotic (thickened) or ulcerated? Is there much ear wax, or is there purulent debris? An assessment of this will help the vet determine which medication and treatment is best suited to your pet. For example, if the ear canal is full of exudate, a full ear flush under general anesthetic may be required before treatment can commence. This is to ensure the medicated ear drops penetrate the surface of the canal, and not just sit on top of the wax lining the canal walls.
  • To check for foreign bodies - such as aural polyps or grass seeds which can be the underlying cause of ear infections.

All this can be done with the help of WONDERPETS’ at home grooming collection, complete with nail trimmers, nail grinders, nail files, slicker brushes, shampoo, conditioner, deodoriser, soap and balm. With a product tailored to your puppy or adult dog, WONDERPETS is your one-stop-shop for pet grooming and walking supplies.

Observe the warning signs 

If your pet is head shaking or scratching at their ears, speak to your local veterinarian about having their ears checked.

Scratching can lead to hair loss and tears to the ear. As well as this, itching can result in bleeding on the ear flap or hematoma, a condition in which the ear becomes swollen, warm and sore. Watch out for any discoloration or discharge coming from the ear; your dog’s ear should be its usual pink.

Difficulties with finicky dogs
Be warned: most pets don’t enjoy having their ears meddled about (do you?), and that’s totally normal. This includes (but is not limited to) cleaning, exams and the application of medication. But patience is a virtue, and with time, they may become accustomed to the procedure. No dog is the same. Some will gladly sit in your lap while you attend to them, others might require a dog lead. If that’s the case, we also stock plenty of harnesses and leashes, and you’re bound to find one that’ll suit your pet and their particular needs.

Don’t forget to lay down a towel or some newspaper on any surfaces that may be exposed, and maybe change into an old t-shirt, because ear exams can get messy!

Shop Wonderpet’s grooming supplies now and give your pooch the love and care they deserve.

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