Spring! Don’t you just love her?

Spring! When flowers bloom with great abandon in front gardens, the washing comes in dusted with pollens and sunshine, and you find yourself standing outside at any opportunity, face turned to the sun, soaking in the light.

Spring! When you go for walks because you want to be outside, smiling at strangers, striding out with your pooch at your side, full of hope and good intentions, determined to leave as little impact on the world as your brand new Animals In Charge lead and matching poo bag holder. You might be environmentally conscious, but you’re no slouch in the fashion stakes.

Spring! When you pile everybody into the car to find some new scenery but make everybody stop for a moment so you can take some selfies of your new silvery locks matching your new car seat cover perfectly! You don’t even need to nag about keeping the car clean which means everybody gets an ice-cream on the way home.

Spring! When you decided to focus on getting into shape, so you focus on the healthy eating plans you drew up for you, your family, and dogs to try and get on top of the covid kilos.  You add a several little somethings to supplement your dietary intake and have a Field Day doing the same for the pup.


Spring! When you’re filled with hope and energy and that restless buzz which means you’re throwing open the windows, curling up in the garden for a snooze, or to take some time to read a book and enjoy a moment of serenity.  Your dog feels the same except eats the book which leaves you explaining to your kid’s teacher, that actually, the dog DID eat their homework.

Spring! When you pack away your winter woollies, most likely a week or two too early if the truth be told, and you pull out the clothes that make you feel brighter. When you start trawling through your Instagram to see what your favourite designers have put into their Spring Collection – is it going to be pastel pinks or vibrant greens, or even both? You hope the maxi dress is still in fashion because you haven’t seen your beautician in months.

Spring! When you revisit your new year’s resolution, push your shoulders back, shove your sunnies up your nose, attach your fitbit to your wrist and walk your poor dogs so often they wish you’d just go back to work.

Spring! When you just feel inexplicably happy and full of love.  

Spring! Don’t you just love her?


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