6 ways to increase the connection with your pet.

The bond between pet and owner is so rewarding but more can be done to benefit both of you.  Here are our top tips for building your connection.

1. Nutrition
Feeding your pet a healthy diet is the responsibility of all pet owners and the number one way to show your pet exactly how much they mean to you.  The right balance of nutrition for your individual pet is essential however, there’s no need to despair because there are some exceptional grain-free, raw and prey-inspired brands with who have done the hard work for you!

 2. Training
As much as we’d like to just shower our pets with the finest things in life, the reality of an untrained pet can lead to some fairly unwanted behaviours.  With a bit of work and consistency though, it’s not hard to train your pet and the resources available online are endless.  Look for programs and tips that reward and reinforce good behaviour.  The other upside is that for every minute you put into training your pet, they’ll reward you with love, respect and an even closer bond with you.

3. Observation
An exercise in mindfulness you can do any time of the day and one of the best ways to understand your pet, observing your pet’s behaviour is a great way to connect with them.  Observing their body language, their stance, their ears, their tail, the sounds they make can tell you so much about how they are feeling.  Did you know that yawning can be a sign of anxiety?

4. Exercise
Most dogs live for a spin around the block to not just get their steps up but for the glorious sensory experience.  Walking your pet is far more visceral for our furry friends than we realise and, whilst we may be focused on getting our morning coffee, our dogs are tapping into their primal migration instincts with us by their side.

5. Routine*
*See Training and Exercise.  Routine is important for humans and pets alike and is a great way to build your connection with your pet.  Punctuating your days with consistent activities such as meals, exercise, play and sleep will make your pet feel secure and build their trust in you.

6. Rest
Where your pet should sleep is a polarising topic however, sharing some downtime with your pet is a delightful thing.  Whether you’re smashing through The Crown on Netflix on the lounge together or reading a book on the grass in the backyard, resting together rounds out your time together and is a special way to connect.

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