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Kitten Essentials

There's nothing more exciting than bringing a new kitten home, but kittens can be a lot of work too! Preparation is key so make sure you to ensure you have what you need to not just to feed but stimulate them and avoid the horror of your kitten destroying furniture and items in your home. WONDERPETS understands how overwhelming it can be to find the right supplies when first getting a kitten which is why this category has all the kitten essentials you might need!

Whether it's a scratcher, bed or even a play toy, your kitten will find everything they need to keep them busy and entertained right here in one place.  From fun balls and little mice to super strong cords and cables that will help protect your furniture from any overzealous kittens and unwanted scratching, we've got the goods you need to give your feline baby a happy and healthy life.

This is also where you’ll find the best food to feed them which everyone knows means the highest quality ingredients! Our brands use the best premium ingredients to ensure your kitten gets all the nutrition it needs in the all-important foundational months. New kittens usually need a lot of foods rich in protein and essential vitamins and have smaller kibbles to suit their little teeth. 

You'll also find special kitten shampoos and care products here that are specially designed for their needs.  Bathing isn't something most adult cats enjoy but it's absolutely necessary when you get a new kitten. New kitties often spend their time playing and can dirty themselves with litter or other materials which is why WONDERPETS has the right grooming items for your little cuties.

Our list of products are the easiest to find all the new kitten essentials on your list, and cover all the basic necessities to feed, bathe, entertain and look after the very special new member of your family.

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