The secret to a happy cat. FELIWAY comforts and reassures cats and kittens, reducing signs of stress such as urine spraying, scratching, fighting or hiding. Discover More....

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Feliway - Spray 60ML

Feliway - Spray 60ML

Feliway - Diffuser 48MLFeliway - Diffuser 48ML

Feliway - Diffuser 48ML



Reduce Stress - Reduces signs of stress such as urine spraying, scratching or hiding

Reduces Aggression - Helps create a calm and safe environment for your cat or kitten

Assists in new homes - Mimics their natural pheromones to create a happy and familiar environment during stressful times such as moving houses or being introduced to a new environment for the first time

Simple - Easy to use products, spray or simply use a diffuser.