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At WONDERPETS, we absolutely adore our dogs and understand how important it is to maintain their health and wellbeing. The average dog has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years and, similarly to we humans, their health, happiness and wellbeing can be greatly impacted by food, nutrition and healthy habits.   A well-cared-for pup is less likely to fall ill or contract parasites, so it pays to take the very best care of them. 

The first step in making sure your dog is well taken care of is in the selection of food you serve them. Dogs need proteins to help build muscles and maintain an healthy level of activity.  This includes playing both inside and outside the home as well as engagement with other animals.  Dogs must have energy too which is why a balance of carbohydrates is also very important. It’s essential that dog owners understand that some of our favourite human foods can be highly toxic for pets which is why most pet owners rely on the experience and expertise of the vets and pet nutritionists behind our favourite pet food brands.  

Essential vitamins and minerals are also very important for many systems and to help boost their immune system against diseases.  Always check the labels on any food you purchase for your dog to ensure are getting the right mix of vitamins and essential ingredients.  If you’re concerned they aren’t getting what they need, consider adding vitamin supplements to your dog's diet. An easy way to supplement their nutrition with vitamins is through treats or chews, but make sure to check the label to ensure you're giving your dog the right amounts, to avoid giving them too much.

At WONDERPETS, we are proud to provide a huge range of high-quality dog food from the best Australian brands. Made with natural and premium ingredients, the dry, wet or raw food options available are a great way to provide the essential nutrients your pooch needs to stay happy and healthy.  If in doubt, consider adding a supplement or functional treat to their diet as an anxiety aid, improve gut health with probiotics, as a meal enhancers or topper or as a stand alone treat.  

We understand how important your puppy or dog is to you and that having the best food and treats for them is a key part of how well we take care of them. WONDERPETS is dedicated to providing premium nutrition and lifestyle brands and, just like you, we are very passionate about pet health and happiness.

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