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KONG Bat-a-bout Flicker DiscoKONG Bat-a-bout Flicker Disco

KONG Bat-a-bout Flicker Disco

KONG Reward Dispensing Ball

KONG Reward Dispensing Ball

KONG Cat Naturals Crinkle FishKONG Cat Naturals Crinkle Fish
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Rufus And Coco Laser Cat ToyRufus And Coco Laser Cat Toy

Rufus And Coco Laser Cat Toy

KONG Kickeroo CuddlerKONG Kickeroo Cuddler

KONG Kickeroo Cuddler

KONG Cat Curlz TeaserKONG Cat Curlz Teaser
Sold out

KONG Cat Curlz Teaser


Cat Toys

One of the best things about owning a cat is playing with them! And boy, cats do find the strangest things entertaining but there's nothing more satisfying than seeing your cat absolutely adore a new cat toy you've bought especially for them and playing with it for hours on end. This is why we've ensured our WONDERPETS range of cat toys is wide and varied and you’ll easily find the right toys for your cat’s individual play needs no matter how fussy or different your cat's playing needs are.

From a simple furry string for your cat to bat around the room, out-run and pounce on, to a fluffy fish that will plop along the floor as you move it with your feet or hands, we've got something to suit all tastes. Whatever sort of toy you're looking for there's bound to be something here at WONDERPETS! 

We have plenty of toys including plush cat toys, interactive cat toys with lasers, disco balls and balls that dispense treats for your kitten or cat. Curious kittens will love our wide range of balls to chase around the room, including electronic balls that flicker and bounce high! We also have plenty of toy cuddlers for them to sink their teeth into.

Keeping your cat entertained isn't just fun but great for their health and enrichment. Cats can get easily bored and that's when they may become destructive. Cats are similar to us in that they're usually pretty social animals so they do need stimulation whenever they're not taking a 10-hour nap. Keeping your cat active, entertained and mentally and physically stimulated will prevent boredom as well as provide a wonderful bonding time for you both!

Will so many toys to choose from, you can be sure to find your cat’s new favourite, so check out the great range of cat and kitten toys we have at WONDERPETS now!

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