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If your cat is an indoor feline looking for some extra style while they strut from couch to couch or they perhaps love to explore the outdoors and you'd like to know where they might be at times. A collar is perfect to add a jingle to your feline's steps and spot them right away when hunting and exploring outside. With many stylish and modern collars available at WONDERPETS, we're sure that you'll find something to match your cat's style and personality! 

Our cat collars range includes cat collars from Mag & Bone, a quality brand that creates its collars using the best materials including a high-quality hemp base with jacquard webbing. Fitted with a cute brass bell, these collars are adjustable to suit a variety of cats and tiny kittens and come in many different colors and patterns for you to choose from. They are durable yet soft enough on your pet's neck to ensure that they won't cause any discomfort. Our Mag & Bone collars are lovingly designed in Australia by a 100% Australian owned and operated company.

If you're not as charmed by the hemp cat collars, we also offer durable cat collars made from polyester webbing.  These collars are available in a range of colors and patterns, some even come with stripe designs.  They are easy to fit on your cat with a simple side release buckle, and they come in an adjustable size that will suit any cat. 

You can also find cute mosaic cat collars at WONDERPETS or metallic cross patterned cat collars for your lovely feline. Be sure to explore the full range of stylish cat accessories available at WONDERPETS today!      

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