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If there's one thing cats are experts at, it's sleeping!  At WONDERPETS, we understand that providing the perfect sleeping spot is not only important for your cat's comfort but important for their overall wellbeing as it helps to make them feel safe, secure and loved in your home. WONDERPETS offer a huge range of cat beds to suit your cat's preferences and needs as well as your individual style and home décor.  From cat caves to cat trees, we offer stylish options that don't just feel comfy but look amazing!  

If your kitty likes to curl up in small spaces, why not try one of our cosy cat cave-style beds? We have a range of soft and snuggly spaces that are ideal for snoozing or playing. If you're looking for something offering a little more interest and enrichment, you can’t go past our fantastic cat trees.  With exciting hideaways, engaging toys and caves, there is something to satisfy every cat.

One of our bestselling cat beds is the adorable uniform cat cave that provides a snuggly spot for your cat to hide and sleep in at any time of the day or night.  The bed is soft and smooth to the touch, perfect for your cat to curl up in.  Crafted with a 'felt like' crystal microfibre it comes with a soft inner cushion with an anti-slip base so the bed doesn't move from its spot. Cat caves also provide an exciting place to play and a great place to hide their favourite toys for added stimulation and engagement.  

If your cat likes to stretch out when they sleep, you’ll love our larger-style cat beds. Our fantastic range of plush beds is available in a variety of shapes from igloo to capsule and even a quirky snail-shaped bed! If it’s fun you’re after, you can’t go past our rainbow-shaped bed that is perfect for snuggling up.  If you and your cat have more modern sensibilities, you’ll both make a statement with our futuristic and elevated boss-beds.  

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