Balanced Life’s exclusive range of air-dried raw foods and treats exceeds expectations for the home cook through to the kibble feeder who know the importance of raw meat protein in their dog’s diet. Enriched with superfoods including alfalfa, kelp, cranberries and coconut, gently air dried for maximum nutritional value Balanced Life range of foods provides the ultimate dietary balance for your pets life. Discover More....

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Balanced Life is made by the Staughton family. Australian agriculture has run in their blood for generations and they are proud to remain family owned and independent. They believe Australia has the best ingredients, chefs and dog lovers in the world which is why we wouldn’t make our food and treats anywhere else.

100% Complete & Balanced For All Dogs. All Balanced Life foods are 100% complete and balanced – that means they contain every nutrient your dog needs, in exactly the right amounts, to live a long and happy life.