The Best Dog Beds For Large Dogs

Picking the right dog bed is difficult at the best of times. Throw a large breed dog into the mix and it gets even harder! You know how important it is to select a good quality dog bed. It's like buying a bed for yourself, or your child. They're going to spend at least a third of their life there, so you want to be sure it's comfy! If you have an older dog, support is even more important. You want their bed to be kind to their old joints and bones. 

Helping your dog sleep better can help you sleep better. Not only are they less likely to wake you up when they can't get comfy. You'll also feel content knowing that you've made the best possible choice for your pup. Read on to check out the WONDERPETS guide to our favourite large-breed dog beds!

Why Your Dog Needs The Right Dog Bed

Spend enough time with a pet and you'll learn they're more like us than you'd first think. Take one obvious example: they also like to be comfy when they sleep! That's why they have so many sleeping positions. They'll lay on their side, their tummy, on their back with their paws up. They might snuggle up to you or another pet. Some dogs curl up tight into a ball! These positions might look a little awkward to you, but trust us, the pup thinks that they're perfect.

Dogs are instinctual about how they sleep. They'll go for whatever makes them feel comfy and safe. In summer, for example, they might sprawl out so they can cool down. In winter, they're more likely to tuck themselves into a ball. Having a bed that they're attached to can make them feel twice as secure. 

Have you seen the way they dig into wherever they're about to lay down? They nose around, do some funny little laps on it. They're preparing their nest! It's a carry-over from their evolutionary past, their pre-domesticated days. It's a way to feel safe and in control, before they go off to sleep, when they may be vulnerable. 

Safety and comfort are imperative to your dogs' psychological and physical health. Providing them with a bed is a great way to give this to your pup. It's a warm, soft space that smells like them, where they can rest without worrying about the outside world. A well-rested dog is a happy dog!

Mog & Bone Dog Beds

WONDERPETS stocks a wide selection of dog beds produced by the Australian brand Mog & Bone. Their goal is to offer pet accessories that coordinate with current design trends. This means your dog has a safe and comfortable place to rest that also looks great to you and your visitors! 

They are 100% Australian owned, and Mog & Bone make every one of their dog beds from high-quality cotton canvas. This works far better than typical polyester fabric, which can irritate your pets' skin. It also provides far better temperature regulation. 

Mog & Bone fill their beds with recycled polyester. That makes them a great choice for anyone conscious of their impact on the environment. All Mog & Bone beds are also machine washable.

This is a brand for humans and pets to enjoy together.

Best All-Rounder Dog Bed

Mog & Bone - Classic Cushion Dog Bed

This rectangle lounge bed is super soft and fluffy. With a removable cover for easy cleaning, the Classic Cushion combines simplicity and style. This comes in sizes to suit every dog breed, from lap dogs to gentle giants. 

Check it out in a variety of designs, including Navy Hamptons Stripe, Navy Check, and Latte White Mosaic.

Best Reversible Dog Bed

Mog & Bone - 4 Seasons Dog Bed

Keep your pup cool in summer and warm in winter. One side has a plush fleece interior, while the other has natural cotton canvas. No matter the weather, your dog will be able to sleep sound.

This circular dog bed comes in four different sizes and nine different styles. It's easy for you can coordinate it with matching accessories!

Best Dog Bed For Seniors

Mog & Bone - Bolster Bed

Bolster Beds comes in various styles, including Charcoal Hamptons Stripe and Navy Check. More important, they are the comfiest dog bed we stock. They come in three different sizes and have a super soft internal cushion. If you've got an old dog that needs extra support for their sore joints, this is the bed for them.

Best Outdoor Dog Bed

Mog & Bone - Waterproof Cushion Dog Bed

Whether you're going camping, have an outdoor dog, or a pup that loves to snooze on the patio, this is the bed for you. You won't have to worry about a little rain ruining your dog's bed, because it's designed to let that run right off. Give your pooch somewhere comfy to lie down after they've had a big run around the backyard.

Where Can I Buy A Dog Bed?

Check out WONDERPETS’ range of dog beds today. Get in touch if you need a hand choosing a product. We're always keen to help pets and owners get the most out of their accessories!

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