Project Zero - A SavourLife Initiative

We have a saying at SavourLife; every home should have a dog...and every dog should have a home. 

But unfortunately, over 110,000 are abandoned every year and 44,000 of those dogs will be euthanised. At SavourLife we have always been there for dogs once they get into that terrible situation, but we now want to take that a step further and be part of the solution to stop them from being abandoned in the first place.

This is our Project ZERO.  It has one clear aim: reduce the number of adoptable dogs euthanised in Australia to ZERO.

How are we going to do this? Over the few years SavourLife will be:


Directing people who are looking for a new family addition to rescue groups, to find and adopt the right dog for them.  Our first big project is the Adopt-A-Dog portal linked to this website from the menu above.


Taking steps to educate on and increase the responsible breeding and sale of dogs.  Too many dogs are born and raised in puppy farms, or by uninformed backyard breeders; adding to an already terrible problem.


Promoting the joy that rescue dogs bring to homes across Australia.  We’ll be telling everyone who’ll listen what rescue dogs can bring to their lives and helping raise the profile of under-funded, volunteer-run rescue groups.

And this is where you can help us!  Below you will find ideas to create your own awareness or fundraising event, helping us on the road to ZERO!  Check out our ideas or maybe you have your own!  When you register your details we'll send you templates, downloadable posters and social media graphics to help you with your big day.  It's easy, check it out below.  You can do it at home or better yet, get your work involved too!



By running your own fundraiser at work or home, this will give you the opportunity to raise money for your favourite dog rescue organisation. Below are some ideas and checklists that you are welcome to use to help you start raising money sooner!


Visit SavourLife for more information on how you can help.

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