10 ways to bring the holiday vibe home

Dear Petparents,
If you’re anything like us, you’re probably feeling a little bit bummed about the latest covid restrictions, feeling that you’re missing out on a splendid holiday.   Thankfully, we’re here to introduce you to the joys of the Staycation, or the Staycay, if you will, because there are some great benefits to staying at home.
The first rule of the Staycation or Staycay, is to not view it as ‘staying at home’.  No my friends. You aren’t staying at home. You’ve scored a FREE week (or more…) in a pet-friendly house in one of the best countries in the world.
The second rule of the Staycay is that you must operate on a different set of rules than you normally would. Otherwise, how can you possibly relax or fully appreciate the perks of a Staycay if you’re following your usual routine?  So, turn of those work email notifications and forget about time because you’re officially on a break!
Here are our 10 ways to bring the holiday vibe home:
  1. Find green space and walk in it. Throw snacks, treats and water into a backpack, and start meandering. Let the kids stop and examine every rock, let the dog sniff every gross thing it finds. Just enjoy having the time to hang out without having anywhere to be. And if you’re generally the kind of person to make everything educational – don’t.
  1. Fill as many containers as you can find with water place them all around the backyard, turn the volume up loud on the radio and pretend you’ve gone to a pet friendly waterpark. Throw balls, wave bubble wands, make a mess. Do not clean the mess up. Waterparks have staff for that kind of thing. Just head back inside for a warm shower, hot popcorn, a towel off for the pets and flop in front of a movie for the rest of the afternoon.
  1. Play hide and seek. You and any human children can play the more traditional versions of this game, but you can keep your fur children equally entertained by hiding food in a Kong or hidden around the yard for them to sniff out.
  1. Teach your pets new tricks! Gain valuable you time by challenging your human children to teach the dog how to put away its own toys. Or get them to pretend they are fishing by tying a small toy to the end of a line and seeing if the cat can catch it! Reward both dogs and kids with proper holiday fare like icecreams as big as their heads and cookies!
  1. Have daytime naps. Fur children are generally good at this.  Snuggle up with them and let them teach you the fine art of genuine day time relaxation.
  1. Get your magic on. Hide a dog treat under one of three cups. Move them around and see if they can guess which cup hides the treat.  Also works brilliantly with human children too.  Add a top hat for genuine flair. If you can charge the neighbours to watch you do it – even better!
  1. Create an obstacle course. Incorporate jumping, climbing, crawling that goes from indoor to outdoor.  Time each other to see who is the fastest.  Definitely reward the winners with treats.  Particularly if it is you! 
  1. Take photos. Lots and lots of photos. Post them on all your socials so people are envious of your relaxing Staycay.  Bonus points if you are all dressed identically. 
  1. Play a little bit of frisbee. Frisbee is one of those games that can be dialled up to be competitive yet also perfect for those just wanting to tire out their small people and pets by hurling discs up and down the street while leisurely sipping on a holiday cocktails.
  1. Enjoy the serenity. No traffic jams, no car sickness, no overpriced bottles of water in hotel rooms, no forgetting your phone charger or trying to keep the kid’s quiet in the hotel room.  Just you and all your favourite people in one place.
Happy Staycay!
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