[附加]成分。 鸡肉粉、大米、玉米面筋、鸡脂肪、天然香料(鸡肉)、火鸡粉、盐、干甜菜浆、矿物质、维生素、葵花籽油、蛋氨酸、三聚磷酸钠、牛磺酸、抗氧化剂、绿茶、玉兰花提取物。



牙齿健康 促进牙齿健康,较大的狗粮有助于机械磨损,减少牙菌斑和牙垢的积累。含有三聚磷酸钠(STPP),能结合唾液中的钙质,帮助防止牙菌斑钙化。天然绿茶提取物已被证明能抑制细菌的生长,减少牙齿的臭味。

减少毛球 包括天然活性成分甜菜浆。这种纤维来源已被证明可以有效地减少毛球的频率。

泌尿道健康 高消化率和受控的矿物质水平,以促进最佳的水分周转和健康的泌尿道。

健康的皮肤和光泽的皮毛 含有更多的锌和亚油酸。这些营养素加上天然的欧米伽3和欧米伽6脂肪酸,已被证明有助于改善皮肤和毛发的状况。


减少猫砂盆气味 天然玉兰提取物有助于减少猫砂盆的气味。

Our customers safety is our absolute priority which is why the warehouse where our WONDERPETS stock is stored in and distributed from adheres to the relevant State Government’s COVID Safe Plan for Wholesale Trade and Warehousing including regular cleaning, temperature checks and mask wearing.

Free Shipping over $49*
WONDERPETS offer Free Shipping on orders over $49 to customers in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and ACT. This applies to Parcel Post only not Express Post deliveries. WONDERPETS reserves the right to cancel or amend this offer at any time. 

For our friends in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania, shipping is based on the weight of your order. You'll be able to see this on the checkout page before you proceed to payment – these are based on standard Australia Post shipping rates.  We wish we could offer you Free Shipping and hope to be able to soon so watch this space...

How long does shipping take?

Orders are processed within 24 business hours (Monday to Friday). If your order comes in before 10pm we will do our absolute best to have it processed and sent out the next business day.

Most of our orders are delivered by Australia Post however sometimes we work with other courier providers to ensure the most efficient delivery service for our customers.

Standard Shipping for Capital Cities is 2-5 Business days and Other Areas is 3-6 Business Days.

Express Shipping for Capital Cities is 1-2 Business days and Other Areas is 1-3 Business Days.

Split Orders
Sometimes our orders are shipped from different warehouses, so if you have ordered multiple brands they might be sent to you at different times.

Do you deliver outside of Australia?
We do not currently ship outside of Australia but we are working on plans to be able to deliver to Hong Kong and China soon!

If you have any questions about your order or delivery details please contact us at