Overdid it these holidays? Not sure where to start getting your pup back in shape? Well we have made it super simple with our New Year Health Packs!

We have created Health Packs to suit your all fur-baby’s needs including Weight Management, Older Dogs, Dental Care, Skin & Coat Care, Digestion & Gut Support and Fussy Eaters.

Plus, our Health Packs are now 15% off!  Now there is no excuse not to help your fur-baby get back to their trim and terrific self!

Skin & Coat Care EssentialsSkin & Coat Care Essentials

Skin & Coat Care Essentials

$30.25 $35.64
Senior EssentialsSenior Essentials

Senior Essentials

$40.50 $47.66
Weight Management EssentialsWeight Management Essentials

Weight Management Essentials

$25 $29.54
Dental Care EssentialsDental Care Essentials

Dental Care Essentials

$22 $25.88
Fussy Easters PackFussy Easters Pack

Fussy Easters Pack

$62.85 $73.95
Dental Care Superfood PackDental Care Superfood Pack

Dental Care Superfood Pack

$56.90 $66.95
Digestion & Gut Support PackDigestion & Gut Support Pack

Digestion & Gut Support Pack

$70.50 $82.95
Overall Wellbeing Salmon, Chicken & Lamb PackOverall Wellbeing Salmon, Chicken & Lamb Pack
Anxiety PackAnxiety Pack

Anxiety Pack

$88.35 $103.95
Skin & Coat Care PackSkin & Coat Care Pack

Skin & Coat Care Pack

$74.75 $87.95
Dental Care PackDental Care Pack

Dental Care Pack

$69.65 $81.95
Sensitive Skin PackSensitive Skin Pack

Sensitive Skin Pack

$63.70 $74.95
Weight Management PackWeight Management Pack

Weight Management Pack

$58.60 $68.95
Overall Wellbeing PackOverall Wellbeing Pack

Overall Wellbeing Pack

$59.95 $64.95
Joint Care PackJoint Care Pack

Joint Care Pack

$55.20 $64.95
Joint Care & Mobility PackJoint Care & Mobility Pack

Joint Care & Mobility Pack

$78.15 $91.95


We all want to ensure our pets are getting the most nutritious and beneficial foods for them. But sometimes the choice is overwhelming. 

That’s why we have created the WELLNESS 1, 2, 3 – a holistic approach to improving the overall health and happiness of your pet in three simple and convenient steps:

  1. FOOD – Start with a biologically appropriate, healthy food (top up with raw food if that is what your pet needs)
  2. TOPPERS – Add a superfood topper or supplement to meet your pets’ individual needs
  3. TREATS – Include a healthy treat for reward and enrichment

WONDERPETS have curated a collection of products that make sure wellness is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Our Wellness Packs are based on your pets individual needs – including Overall Wellbeing, Anxiety , Skin & Coat Care, Digestion & Gut Support, Dental Care, Sensitive Skin, Weight Management, Joint Care, Seniors. Fussy Eaters, Puppy and Kitten.

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