Doggylicious was created to provide moments of happiness every day between us doggies and you humans. We feel you humans forget we are only here for a short time so that’s why we should be treated like the favorite child every day, and this starts with Doggylicious treats. Discover More....

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Doggylicious Calming Peanut ButterDoggylicious Calming Peanut Butter

Doggylicious Calming Peanut Butter

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Doggylicious Calming CookiesDoggylicious Calming Cookies

Doggylicious Calming Cookies

$11.01 $12.95
Doggylicious Protein CookiesDoggylicious Protein Cookies

Doggylicious Protein Cookies

Doggylicious Rainbow CookiesDoggylicious Rainbow Cookies

Doggylicious Rainbow Cookies

Boredom Buster Pack for Dogs
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Boredom Buster Pack for Dogs

$19.76 $21.95
Doggylicious Original Peanut ButterDoggylicious Original Peanut Butter
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Doggylicious Original Peanut Butter

$6.76 $7.95
Multi Buy - 3 x Doggylicious Calming CookiesMulti Buy - 3 x Doggylicious Calming Cookies
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Doggylicious will always put dogs first because the company was founder by a dog and is run by dogs. Our products will always be made in Australia using the best quality ingredients we can get our paws on.

Our cookie range is grain free, gluten free, human grade and 100% dog approved. All our products are made to strict specifications in certified food factories.