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Whether you're going on a walk with your pet or want to reward them for pulling off the cutest trick, at WONDERPETS, we have a huge range of delicious dog treats to choose from.  Come on in and explore our extensive range.

WONDERPETS is the ultimate place to get all of your dog's favourite treats in one place. From delicious bones to scrumptious snacks, we've got it all.  All our products are guaranteed to be loved by pets.  We believe every mouthful our pet’s enjoy is a nutritional opportunity, which is why our treats not only taste great, but are packed full of ingredients to improve their health and wellbeing.  From dental chews to fortified training treats, our treats deliver layers of benefits to give pet-parents absolute peace of mind that they’re giving their pet the very best.

Our extensive range includes something for every taste and chewing style from freeze-dried, air-dried, drops, bully sticks and even peanut butter!  We’ve a treat for every occasion – to reward, entice, positively reinforce, entertain, engage and enrich, our pets’ desire to chew runs deeper than a special ‘I love you’ treat, it fulfilled a deep biological need and is an excellent opportunity to engage and enrich as well as a great way to help manage unwanted behaviours such as separation anxiety, barking, digging and destruction.  

You’ll find a of treat for every occasion with a selection of textures and flavours to entice even the fussiest of eaters. 

We love freeze-dried treats because they're healthy, convenient, easily stored and bursting with nutrients.  Air-dried treats are great for giving your dog something tasty that they can chew on whenever they want. Drops are perfect for when you have guests over because dogs will go crazy just seeing them! Even if it's not a special occasion, we recommend using peanut butter as a reward for doing tricks or learning new ones. Dog bones and cookies are also always classic treats that taste great and are beloved by many dogs. 

Treats aren't just great for rewarding your dog but for maintaining a fresh breath and improving maintaining good dental hygiene with the added health benefits of collagen and protein. All of our treats contain premium ingredients and high quality protein such as salmon, chicken, liver and kangaroo.   We focus on all-natural ingredients and we even offer treats that can help to calm down your pup if they tend to get a bit anxious throughout the day.

No matter what stage of life they're in, from puppy to mature, our extensive range of treats has got you covered.  Our goal is to get the most out of all treat we give our pets to help them grow and develop and to improve their health.  

Of course, treats are also an important part of training your pet in the basics such as sit and stay to the more complicated and advanced training.   Few things are more powerful than treats when you’re training your dog or just wanting to positively reinforce good behaviour.   

If you're not sure which treat is best for your furry friend, feel free to ask us for some friendly advice – we're always happy to help our customers!

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