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Waste Bags 4 X 15pkWaste Bags 4 X 15pk

Waste Bags 4 X 15pk


All Dog Poo Bags & Holders

Dog Poo Bags & Holders

All dog walkers should always carry a bag to clean up after their pooch and not only has this gotten easier to do it on the go, but now there are many new and stylish options available.  Poo bags themselves have also been elevated with many environmentally friendly options now available.  At WONDERPETS, we offer a great selection of bags including biodegradable and compostable poo bags to use while you're walking your dog, and a great range of poo bag holders in various colours so you no longer need to sacrifice style over the practical realities of this part of pet’s care. 

Poo bag design and materials have changed a lot over the last few years, with high-quality biodegradable bags becoming the norm. Often made from natural ingredients such as corn starch, these bags come in fun prints and are stronger than they look so that they're reliable and environmentally friendly too.

Poo bag holders don't just look fashionable but are really the easiest way to keep dog poo bags at your fingertips while walking your dog. Our comfortable designs allow you to gain easy access to the bags quickly without the need for ugly strings. Our smart mechanisms, such as some with a magnetic snap clasp keep it simple and functional. We even carry holders that are fashion-forward with some even looking like designer handbags! A fun way to keep poo bags handy and in a neat and stylish holder that won’t cramp your style!

Another great feature about our selection of poo bag holders is the different colours and prints they come in allowing you to pick out a holder that matches your style and personality. Most of our holders can be carried on a belt or a wrist strap so if you're looking for an easy way to keep bags at your fingertips, the belts are perfect because there's no extra bulk under your coat. Choose from range of bright colours such as dusty pink to more neutral tones like taupe and forest green.

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