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Keeping your dog or puppy well-fed is extremely important but, as there are so many different types of foods on the market, choosing the right products for your pet can be difficult and expensive. At WONDERPETS, we make it easy by offering only premium products, mostly from Australia and New Zealand, that contain premium ingredients and tailored options to meet specific health and nutritional needs.

The food products we offer take into consideration specific breeds, size, life-stage and health priorities.  With so many options available to you, it's easy to find the best dog food for your dog and puppy.  

You can rest assured that in selecting your dog food from WONDERPETS, you’re already prioritising the health and wellbeing of your dog both now and in the future.  We have brands such as Freeze Dried Australia, Black Hawk, ZIWIPEAK and Balanced Life which all offer great-tasting highly nutritious products to suit every budget that both adult dogs and puppies will love.

Our food range includes several different types of wet and canned food as well as raw freeze-dried, air-dried and traditionally dried options.    If you have a fussy pup, it's often difficult to find food they will enjoy and that will also provide them with the nutrients they need, which is why we offer such a wide variety of brands and products.

We also stock an extensive range of treats, snacks and meal enhancers that will help your dog or puppy stay healthy and happy. We know how important it is for puppies to get their daily exercise and engagement, so we've got plenty of tasty chews to satisfy their desire to chew.

At WONDERPETS, we've made it our goal to offer the best dog food and lifestyle products at prices that won't leave you feeling short-changed which is why we're proud to be a small and independently-owned Australian company. Everything we sell has been carefully selected based on our knowledge of dogs, personal experience and desire for our pets to live their healthiest and happiest best lives.  We are also very passionate about our pets so, our desire to make your pet purchases as easy and convenient as possible as well as providing you with exceptional customer service, is second nature for us.   

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