Vetalogica: A Family Story


Vetalogica is a family-owned, Australian company created by two pharmacist brothers, Raymond Shahidi and Scott Shahidi.

During their time in pharmacy, the Shahidi brothers noticed customers coming in and asking for human supplements for use in pets, which can lead to serious problems including overdosing and under dosing.

This concern for responsible dosing led them to developing a safe and clinically researched pet supplement range which address health issues in dogs and cats. And Vetalogica was born!

Years later, the brothers welcomed Murphy, a Labrador to the Family. Unfortunately Murphy suffered from severe skin irritations and there were no good natural pet food solutions on the market.

This inspired the brothers to once again formulate a soothing, natural, grain free pet food blend for Murphy. Today, Vetalogica Naturals Pet Foods help many dogs and cats with their nutritional needs.

Vetalogica pet supplements, treats and foods are carefully crafted right here in Sydney, NSW under strict Australian Standards (AS5812).

Every detail from food development, through to quality controlling the finished product is handled in our very own kitchens and never outsourced to ensure the highest possible standards are met.

We work closely with local Australian farmers and suppliers to make sure only the most nutritious ingredients are used in our biologically appropriate foods.

Over a decade later, Vetalogica still crafts natural pet products in small batches. And yes, to this day, the Shahidi brothers are in the kitchens, formulating and preparing quality pet foods every day.

Vetalogica prides itself on offering natural pet supplements, treats and foods with NO grains, corn, wheat, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, glutens or GMO's.


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