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With a stylish woven jacquard finish presenting prints that coordinate with the Mog & Bone collection, the hemp base provides a number of practical and health benefits:

  • Hemp is a natural, eco-friendly alternative to polyester and other man made fibres.
  • Hemp is biodegradable
  • Hemp is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
  • Hemp is durable and resists stretching when wet, unlike other natural fibres
  • The hemp tethering series is machine washable
  • Hemp can prevent your dog from getting smelly

What is hemp and what is it used for?

Hemp is a strain of Cannabis grown specifically to be used in the creation of consumer products, and it is one of the fastest growing plants on earth; it can be turned into paper, textile for garments, food, paint, fuel, insulation, and so much more. It has a lower concentration of THC and a greater percentage of cannabidiol, which means it’s highly unlikely to have psychoactive effects on any species. On top of this, THC for commercial use and manufacturing is usually regulated by governments anyway. The fibres of hemp can make 100 % hemp products, or can be woven with other fibres, like flax, cotton and silk, to make the clothes we know and love. The seeds, when dried, are also used to make hemp oil, which can be utilised in the manufacturing of plastics, paint, cooking liquids, moisturiser and other cosmetics. The fibres of hemp have been used throughout history to create fabrics, rope and canvas.

Why is hemp considered a “green” material?

Hemp is a great material for the earth and is classified as sustainable because it can ward off weeds and mould, prevent erosion and drain away poisonous substances from soil. The botanical also has the ability to absorb CO2, providing us with a clean environment and fresh air, when used in building and development.

Is hemp safe for dog leads?

There’s a variety of hemp-based products on the market for dogs, from bedding to anxiety-alleviating oils, leads, harnesses and everything in between. But if you’re a responsible owner, you may have some questions about its effect on your pooch. That’s understandable. But, as discussed earlier, since hemp has a lower ratio of THC to CBD, you don’t have to worry about your dog getting the munchies or reaching for the nearest Bob Marley record. The strains of Cannabis humans rely on for their psychotic properties can reach a THC level of over 20 %. Any product that’s going to get close to your hound’s paws will have an appropriate balance of both compounds. While further research needs to be done on the subject, many owners claim it (in oil form) has helped manage pain, arthritis, seizures and many other serious conditions a dog may suffer from. Some pets can provide dogs with CBD oil, but this is less likely in Australia where all strains of cannabis are highly regulated. Since these collars are made out of hemp fibres, not hemp oil, you don’t have to worry about either the positive or negative effects Cannabidiol could have on your pet’s wellbeing. 

The only possible side effects of hemp-made dog accessories are allergies and reactions with medication, but even then the risk is minimal. Make sure to check with a veterinary professional if you have any concerns.

Where to find hemp-made dog leads Australia

From harnesses, to leads and collars, there’s no dog that couldn’t benefit from a little Mog & Bone in their life. Mog & Bone provide a wide range of dog harnesses, perfect for the eco-conscious pawrent. Even the fussiest pup will be wrapped to have one of these leads.

Shop Mog & Bone and you’ll find durable, environmentally-friendly and comfortable dog leads for canines of every shape and size. 

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