Exercising With Your Dog

As well as feeding your dog the correct nutrition, promoting regular exercise will help the process of healthy weight loss. Here are a few workout tips for exercises you and your dog can do together.

Our furry friends can be the best encouragement when it comes to our fitness journey.  And pawrents could benefit from a little coaching from their dogs. So let them take the lead —  or keep that leather dog collar firmly on, depending on what is safest for your pooch –- and get moving!  

There are endless possibilities out there for you and your little gym buddy. But here’s a few options to get you going.

Power dog walks with intervals

Take your dog for a walk on a leash. Throughout the walk, mix in some intervals of jogging, running or high stepping to help increase your heart rate and burn calories for both you and your dog.

Dog squat tease

Stand with your legs spread shoulder width in preparation to do a leg squat. As you descend, tap your dog with his favorite toy. As you rise, lift the toy above your head to encourage your dog to jump after it. This can be done in your home and outside as well.

Dog tag

Just like you did with your friends as a kid, play tag with your dog at your local dog park, in your backyard or even inside your house. You’ll both get a great cardio workout as your dog tries to chase you down.

Follow that trail

This is where your no pull dog harness comes in handy. With a beautiful trail walk, your dog leads the way. They get plenty of sites and smells; you get a quiet and scenic way to get a sweat on. It’s a win-win situation. A front clip dog harness is the safest lead for those pesky pets that love to get ahead of us. Enjoy parkland and mountainous views that will keep you and your dog occupied for hours. 

A day at the beach

Want to keep cool and stay active? A day by the ocean or pool with you and your dog is the easiest way to get a two-in-one. Splash among the waves with your canine friend, and get in a few laps. The physical movement will have you both pooped in record time. Simply bring a beach umbrella and water bottle for tanning on the sand afterwards.

A game of frisbee

A dog is man’s best friend. So why not put this companionship to use by engaging in some wholesome outdoors fun? Toss a frisbee in the park, on a sunny day preferably, and let your pet chase after it at full speed. This is an awesome way to get your steps in, without it feeling like a chore; and it will tire out humans and canines alike.

Downward dog time

We all love yoga, but dog’s do too! Where do you think “downward dog” gets its name? In fact, human-dog yoga is such a popular pastime that it’s earned its own name – Doga! There are countless videos on youtube demonstrating all the poses you can teach your dog. Afterall, If they can learn how to “Stay” they can also “Namaste.”

Dog yoga has a range of benefits, the biggest one being that it allows you to check up on your dog’s health, clip their nails and assess parts of their body. Many dogs have a fear of letting owners touch their paws and other delicate areas, so doga can relieve some of the anxiety. It may also help balance the emotions of dogs that are overly energetic, anxious or impatient.

Where to buy dog leads Australia

If you and your dog are wanting to walk longer distances, new paths or generally step up your walk game this year, finding the right collar and harness is crucial to getting out and about in a safe manner; for the comfort of you and your pooch. Your dog can sniff, run and fetch to their heart's content without getting in harm's way or costing you a trip to the vet. It’s a wonder we have WONDERPETS to provide a collar, harness or leash for every breed and personality. Like this All Weather Rope Leash by Animals in Charge.

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