How FELIWAY helped Gomette stop scratching

Gomette (below) is 3 years old and very playful and cuddly.

This first time I her owner saw Gomette, she wanted to take care of her however, she got new job which meant that Gomette was left alone a lot.

"I think that she responded badly to being left alone. She started scratching my leather sofa.  She wanted to show her discontent that I wasn’t there."

Gormette's owner often goes to pet trade shows to check out the new gadgets, and it was here that she first heard of Feliway.  

"I can’t smell anything when it’s plugged in, but I can see a change in her attitude. I noticed that the intense meowing stopped and that my sofa stopped being damaged. Gomette is a lot more relaxed, sociable, playful and very cuddly. I can see that she feels good, so I feel good!"


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